von: Seem, M.

Acupuncture Medicine, Bodymind Integration for Bodily Distress ...

Acupuncture Medicine, Bodymind Integration for Bodily Distress ...

2015, 270 pages

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Acupuncture Medicine, Bodymind Integration for Bodily Distress ... von Seem, M.

Full title: Acupuncture Medicine, Bodymind Integration for Bodily Distress & Mental Pain.
Implementing Acupuncture into Private, Mainstream and Integrative Behavioral Health and Physical Medicine Practices Nationwide.

In this book Dr. Mark Seem shares his unique approach, based on 30 years of experience, to treating patients with chronic fatigue, pain, and stress disorders. Included are Dr. Seem’s classifications of the four major patterns of tight tender points that he finds in patients with these conditions, his treatment strategies in each pattern, and many charts and diagrams to help busy practitioners use his approach more effectively.
This completely updated version of his original Acupuncture Physical Medicine book was motivated by the action taken by the Joint Commission (a U.S. hospital-accreditation body) to approve acupuncture therapy as a modality for pain management in accredited clinics and hospitals.

In this practical book you will learn:
Effective, time-tested treatment protocols for the common ailments of modern life
How to navigate the terrain of your patients' experience of disease through the power of touch
How to find specific pathways of pain and distress commonly seen in 21st century patients
How to map energetic blockages and release them without the use of herbs
How to locate Western medical facilities in your area where acupuncture could be an approved and insurance-covered service.

Seem, M.

Mark D. Seem, Ph.D.
is past president of the National Council of Acupuncture Schools and Colleges, founder of the Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Stamford, Connecticut, and chairman of the Examination Committee of the National Commission for Certification of Acupuncturists. He lectures at acupuncture schools and conferences throughout the United States and maintains a private practice in New York City.

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