von: Carter, A./ Mackereth, P./ (ed.)

Aromatherapy, Massage and Relaxation in Cancer Care

Aromatherapy, Massage and Relaxation in Cancer Care

2016, 232 pages

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Aromatherapy, Massage and Relaxation in Cancer Care von Carter, A./ Mackereth, P./ (ed.)

This book offers an integrated approach to aromatherapy, massage and relaxation therapies for cancer care and is a complete toolbox of practical resources and techiques to support therapists for all stages of cancer.
Aromatherapy, massage and relaxation are three of the most commonly used therapies in cancer care.
This book offers an integrated approach to using these therapies and provides an evidence-based foundation for complementary therapists working in cancer care settings. International in its scope, the book provides essential information about the ethical and professional context in which therapists can practice and vital facts regarding medical treatment and potential side effects.
Edited by Dr. Peter A. Mackereth and Ann Carter.
With forewords by Anne Cawthorn, Deborah Costello and contributions by Timothy Jackson, Lynne Tomlinson, Graeme Donald, Rebecca Knowles, Paula Maycock, Anita Mehrez, Lydia Nightingale, Dr Jacqui Stringer, Gwynneth Campbell, Reverend Kevin Dunn.

Absolutely invaluable for any nurse, therapist or physician who is exploring ways of ensuring that patients receiving cancer therapy are in the best of health for a successful outcome. Added to a thorough evidence-based text on many non-invasive interventions is perhaps the best overview of cancer and its treatments I have read for a long time. A book that is long overdue and deserves to be widely read.
--- Prof Betty Kershaw DBE FRCN, Emeritus Dean, The School of Nursing and Midwifery, The University of Sheffield

An evidence-based, user-friendly "how to..." book, both for the experienced and new complementary therapist working in cancer and palliative care. It will be helpful to other healthcare professionals too - to see how complementary therapies can make a difference and contribute to integrated care.
The authors have generously shared their knowledge, expertise and experience.
--- Marianne Tavares, MSc, Dip. DN, MIFPA, CAHP, Complementary Therapy Consultant, Palliative Care, Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital and Hill House Hospice, Ontario

As a devotee of complementary therapies, I loved this book.
It offers an overview of how three complementary therapies integrate with modern healthcare, and will be useful for anyone who wants to learn about the therapies available, how they work, their evidence base and how they can be incorporated into NHS treatment (...) I recommend this book to anyone involved in cancer care and management.
--- Nicola James, prostate cancer nurse consultant

Carter, A.

Ann Carter
has worked as a therapist, teacher and co-ordinator in cancer-care settings since she qualified as an aromatherapist in 1989. She also offers workshops for complementary therapists.

Mackereth, P.

Dr. Peter A. Mackereth
Lead practitioner, complementary therapies, Christie hospital NHS trust. Dr. Mackereth is the Clinical Lead for Complementary Therapies (CTs) at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust Manchester and University Reader in Integrated Health at the University of Derby (Buxton Campus). He is a registered nurse, has worked in intensive care, neurology and oncology. He has an MA in Medical Ethics and has completed a PhD project examining reflexology vs. relaxation training for people with MS. In 2003 the Complementary Therapy team at the Christie received the prestigious Prince of Wales's Good Practice Award. In 2004 the team won the Dept of Health's Manchester and Regional Innovations Awards in Long-term Care. In 2005 Dr. Mackereth was given the National Public Servant Award hosted by the Guardian Newspaper. The team is currently working on a number of research and audit projects exploring outcomes for acupuncture, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, creative imagery/relaxation and reflexology. Dr. Mackereth has published widely and speaks regularly at conferences and study days.

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