von: Deng, T.

Practical Diagnosis in TCM

Practical Diagnosis in TCM

1999, 560 pages

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Practical Diagnosis in TCM von Deng, T.

There is currently no detailed and comprehensive source of direct information from Chinese sources on the full scope of Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis.
Practical Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the first book of its kind to be translated into English and it fills an important gap in classroom textbooks.
This meticulous translation offers, for the first time in English, an authoritative and detailed compilation of the principles and practice of TCM diagnostic methods and approaches.
This translation has been carefully prepared and polished by translators in both China and the west, and has been edited thoroughly to maximize its accessibility by Western practitioners.
With a foreword by Ted Kaptchuk.
Deng, T.

Professor Deng Tie-tao
Life-Professor, Guangzhou University of TCM.

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