von: Guimberteau, J.-C.

The skin excursion, DVD

The skin excursion, DVD

2012, 1 DVD, 28 min.

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The skin excursion, DVD von Guimberteau, J.-C.

This film is the continuation of the previous DVD Strolling under the skin which has shown a subcutaneous multifibrillar architecture enclosing microvolumes called microvacuoles and which as they are piled up not only ensured the shape but also the mobility, the adaptability and resistance to the gravitational force.
The skin, boundary of this optimal efficiency world since it allows life through this fractal and chaotic structure, has not been really studied in its morphodynamic aspect and chiefly in its continuity with the rest of the body.
The aim of this film and always thanks to endoscopic observations carried on the living matter, during surgeries to show the existence of mobility mechanism, the architectural organisation in the epidermis, dermis and hypoderm.
A vision of the body organisation in complete continuity through this inner architectural, will lead to new reflexions.

Director: Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau
28 Minutes
The DVDs from this series are available in French/English.
All DVDS are in PAL Format (NTSC Format also available).

Guimberteau, J.-C.

Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau was born in 1947.
As a plastic surgeon he has specialized in microsurgical replantation and transplantation, and he is a member of the Aquitany Hand Institute that treats hand trauma 24h/24 and hand chronic diseases.
This experience of hand surgery and microsurgery has made him perform a new procedure for tendon reconstruction with vascularized sliding system. This was also the starting point for an intellectual voyage that has taken him far from the beaten track and off into the largely unknown world of fractals and the chaotic.

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