John Diamond

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Diamonds Test zeigt, ob Faktoren wie Nahrung, Kleidung, Wohnung, Lichtquellen, Bilder, Musikstücke, Gedanken etc. die Lebensenergie fördern oder dämpfen. Jetzt hier bestellen.
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Diamond zeigt, wie man mit Hilfe eines einfachen Muskeltests die Lebensenergie einschätzt und störende Faktoren durch positive, heilsame Emotionen ersetzt. Jetzt hier bestellen.
Diamond, J. Creativity and Beyond
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The focus of this book volume 3 is one central to Dr. Diamond’s work: the therapeutic potential of creativity in all its forms. Please order from naturmed!
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Topic of this second volume is Dr. Diamond’s pioneering research into the relationship between the acupuncture meridians and the emotions. Please order from naturmed!
Diamond, J. Medicine and Beyond
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Medicine and Beyond contains one hundred of the original articles selected and organized into three sections: Life Stories, Thoughts from the Clinic and Philosophy. Please order here!
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Autor John Diamond hat ein herrliches Werk zum Thema Selbstheilung veröffentlicht. Auch andere Diamond-Titel hier bei naturmed erhältlich.
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This is Dr. Diamond's original bestseller - the hardbound version of the popular Your Body Doesn't Lie. Order here.
This self-healing manual is more than just another self-help or cure-of-the-month book. Order Diamond's works here.
Diamond, J. Your Body Doesn't Lie
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Your Body Doesn't Lie explains how to activate your thymus and increase your life energy. Order John Diamond titles here.
Diamond, J. Life Energy
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Learn how to assess the level of your Life Energy and determine the specific psychological factors which are interfering with its activation and expression. Order here.
The concept of the Pulse is the culmination of Dr. Diamond's forty years of experience in medicine, psychiatry, the humanities and music. John Diamond books are available here.
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John Diamond on William Blake's works - this and other books by Diamond available here!
1 bis 12 (von insgesamt 40)