von: Willmont, D.

The Five Phases of Acupuncture in the Classial Texts

The Five Phases of Acupuncture in the Classial Texts

2010, 765 pages

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The Five Phases of Acupuncture in the Classial Texts von Willmont, D.

The Five Phase of Acupuncture in the Classical Texts by Dennis Willmont builds on original translations from the anicent Chinese Medical, Confucian and Daoist Classics concerning all relevant material on the Five Phases and Twelfe Organs of acupuncture in early China.

This book includes:

  • The deeper meaning of Five Phase psycho-emotional terms never before translated into English
  • How to fully understand these terms and their application to clinical practice
  • A full explanation of the Spirits of anicent Chinese acupuncture: Yi/Intention, the Zhi/Will, the Shèn/Spirit, the Pò/Instinct and the Hùn/Perspective
  • A full explanation of the Virtues of anicent Chinese acupuncture: Xin/Accountability, Zhi/Wisdom, Li/Appropriateness, Yi/Righteousness and Rén/Humanity
  • An integration of the Five Phases with modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • How to use the Five Phases with Chinese Herbs, Western Herbs, Essential Oils and Food.
    Willmont, D.

    Dennis Willmont
    has been practicing shiatsu, acupressure, Taijiquan, and Daoist meditation since 1971 and acupuncture since 1976. In 1969 Dennis received his bachelor's degree in Creative Writing and Philosophy from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. During this period, he took a philosophy course in Comparative Religion and was exposed to ancient Chinese Daoism and its primary text, the Daodejing. He intuitively understood that this text explained something about life and the world so comprehensive that nothing else he had read to date could compare. In particular, it seemed to convey a spiritual perspective that could be practiced in everyday life where the mundane world could be integrated with higher spiritual principles. These teachings became the seed potential that motivated Dennis' future life direction.

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