von: Li Chun Huang

Auricular Medicine

Auricular Medicine

2005, 626 pages

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Auricular Medicine von Li Chun Huang

This work contains a complete and comprehensive view of auricular medicine, a system developed by the author and derived from her 35 years of training, research, and clinical experience formulated from the theories of TCM.
It covers the history of auricular medicine, provides a comprehensive classification of auricular points according to type and function, enumerates various methods of auricular diagnosis and differential diagnosis for common diseases, and summarizes the effects of auricular treatment for a large number of diseases and conditions (ranging from internal, surgical, sense organ, gynecological, and dermatological diseases to preventive, cosmetic, and longevous therapy) according to Dr. Huang's methods and treatment protocols.
The many full-color closeup photos, color and black and white drawings, and detailed tables make this an ideal text for in-depth study.
Li Chun Huang

Dr. Li-Chun Huang
MD (China), OMD.

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