von: Helms, J.M.

Acupuncture Energetics

Acupuncture Energetics

2007, 760 pages

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Acupuncture Energetics von Helms, J.M.

The author, Joseph M. Helms, understands energetics as the use of acupuncture to move qi within the dynamic of the human system.
This approach is explained in the context of the meridian couplets (tai yang, shao yang, tai yin, etc.), with a full presentation of acupoints, diagnostics, and clinical instructions. In addition to drawing upon the well-developed body of French-language acupuncture works, he references research in other Western languages.
The text adapts modern graphical and textual techniques to the teaching of acupuncture and examines the roots and sources of its clinical ideas so that their conceptual foundations may be more deeply understood.
This book offers pragmatic and clinically useful information for physicians seeking to integrate acupuncture into their medical practices.
Beginning with the history and science of acupuncture, this book guides you through anatomy, physiology, pathology, examination and diagnosis, point location, and basic and advanced treatments.
You will read about proven techniques for treating musculoskeletal pain, migraines, gastrointestinal conditions, substance abuse, and more.
The text also contains high quality photographs and illustrations for clear localization of channels and points.
This book is an ideal learning tool for practitioners looking to expand their practice or find a more versatile acupuncture approach.
Helms, J.M.

Joseph M. Helms
is the President of the Helms Medical Institute in Berkeley, California.

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