von: Lin Xue-jian/ Qi Wu, A.

The Cerebellum: A new zone in scalp acupuncture

The Cerebellum: A new zone in scalp acupuncture

2012, 160 pages

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The Cerebellum: A new zone in scalp acupuncture von Lin Xue-jian/ Qi Wu, A.

Based on the work of Dr Jiao Shun-fa and Dr Lin Xue-jian on scalp acupuncture systems of point and area selection.
The book gives a general introduction and overview of scalp acupuncture and the anatomy of the cerebrum, needling methods and techniques as well describing the effects of scalp acupuncture on diseases of the motor system, including tremor paralysis, chorea, Alzheimer's, antisocial disorders, and depression.
Including a DVD for Mac/Windows computers.
Lin Xue-jian

Lin Xue-jian (1921-2011)
graduated from Central University and has held the posts of Professor and director of the Biology research Department of the Shanghai Second Medical College, professor at the Railway Medical College and chief physician at the Shanghai Xinhua Hospital. She was chief physician in the outpatient department at the Shanghai Chin. Medicine Documentary Library. She was the first to introduce and clinically apply the silent areas of the cerebrum and new areas of the cerebellum in scalp acupuncture. Lin Xue-jian was presented with many rewards, including the Gold cup.

Qi Wu, A.

Andrew Qi Wu, Ph.D., L.Ac.
has over 45 years of clinical and academic experience in TCM and is recognized as one of the top TCM doctors in his profession. He graduated top of his class from the Tianjin University of TVM in 1982, he then joined the faculty of Tianjin University. In 1988 he became the visiting professor for the TCM college in San Francisco and in 1998 Dr. Wu was appointed the Adjunct Prof. by the Tianjin University, he was awarded a PH.D. for Oriental Medicine in 2001.

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