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Dan Tian - Abdomen (online video)

Dan Tian - Abdomen (online video)

2012, online video, Workshop, 180 min.

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Dan Tian - Abdomen (online video) von Scott, T.

Dan Tian - Abdomen: The Second Brain: Abdominal Acupuncture for the treatment of chronic diseases, pain and body balance.
Abdominal Acupuncture (AA) is microsystem based on TCM, the Ba Gua, Daoist health preservation and modern scientific understanding of our abdominal second brain. AA theory proposes that the point Shenque REN-8 is the centre of fundamental regulating system of the human body, and that our abdominal area is responsible for the secretion of several hormones and has a complex nervous system. By needling points on the meridians in the abdominal area we can balance and regulate the bodies QI and treat chronic diseases and pain.

TAO-Kongress 2012,
online video, 180 min., englisch/deutsch.

Scott, T.

Tuvia Scott
has been practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine since 1990. Being involved in martial arts, tai ji and qi gong since childhood he begun studying Chinese Medicine in Israel and continued studies in China, USA and Europe in the fields of 5 Elements, Daoist Healing and Abdominal Acupuncture. Tuvia Scott was one of the first Chinese Medicine practitioners campaigning for the integration of acupuncture in pain and rehabilitation departments throughout Israeli hospitals. He has been involved in many research studies in Abdominal Acupuncture and TCM for the past 20 years and founded the Abdominal Acupuncture (AA) Research and Study Center in Israel. Tuvia Scott has taught workshops in Israel and throughout Europe and was formally a member of the board for the Israeli Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is currently director of the Tel Aviv University, Chinese Medicine Department at Campus Broshim School of Complementary Medicine.

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