von: Tibshraeny-Morten, L.

Reflexology and Meridian Therapy

Reflexology and Meridian Therapy

2008, 406 pages

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Reflexology and Meridian Therapy von Tibshraeny-Morten, L.

Moving the energy. Meeting place of East and West.
Introducing the Wand Reflex Method and Constitiutional Therapy.
Includes color hand and foot pull-out chart.
Uniquely this book by Lilian Tibshraeny-Morten brings together reflexology and the five phase correspondences of meridian therapy and constitutional types.
The first section of the book includes basic reflexology therapy, foot and hand techniques, anatomy, physiology, and pathology.
It gives the reader an in-depth account of the structure of the feet as well as biomechanical factors and reflexology treatment protocols.
The second section covers the basic concepts of Chinese medicine and includes specific points and interactions of the five elements and diagnosis and assessment according to pattern, constitutional type, and diagnostic protocols.
Finally, assessment tools and treatment methods are presented that facilitate their integration into an existing or new practice with the use of a wand such as a rounded-end polished stone to deliver pressure or stimulus to a selected reflex therapy point.
A tremendous number of colorful photos, charts and tables and liberal use of symbols and icons that accompany the instructional and clinical material presented make this a valuable study companion.
Tibshraeny-Morten, L.

Lilian Tibshraeny-Morten,
was raised in Pretoria, South Africa. Her stepfather was a leading pathologist, the first to start a privately owned laboratory in Pretoria. Her work with him encouraged her to pursue a career in the medical field.
In 1970, she graduated from the College of Occupational Therapy in Pretoria. Through the years she continued to study reflexology, acupuncture, kinesiology and massage therapy. In 1982, she started her studies in reflexology under Dwight Byers, the President of the International Institute of Reflexology (I.I.R.). Lilian Tibshraeny-Morten became certified through the I.I.R. in 1983. In 1986, she became the South African Director for I.I.R. and maintained that position for twelve years. During that time, Lilian founded the International Institute of Reflexology Association, South Africa. She also served on various boards involved in the recognition and legalization process of establishing reflexology as a profession in South Africa. In the same time period she taught all over the world with Dwight Byers. In 1998, he invited her to assume the position of Director of Education at his home office in St. Petersburg, Florida. He facilitated her emigration process to the USA and she maintained that position until December 2001. Lilian Tibshraeny-Morten was able to complete her training at the Acupuncture Training Institute of South Africa in 1994. She studied at the China Beijing International Training Center. She also gained valuable experience with additional training under the doctors at the Beijing Acupuncture Hospital. The dual training in both Acupuncture and Reflexology enabled her to develop an intensive training program incorporating the vital components of the Twelve Meridians, Five Elements and Reflexology. In 2002, she trained at the Humanities Center in Florida where she became a Licensed Massage Therapist and passed the National Certification Board examination. In 2002,Tibshraeny-Morten and her husband, James Morten, established the company JLM PUBLISHINGÂ. Through this company she has been able to create educational manuals, reference guides and workshops. She has traveled extensively in America, England, Scotland and South Africa teaching her approach to therapeutic work. Lilian Tibshraeny-Morten is a professional Reflexology practitioner certified through the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB). She has attained her teacher accreditation through the American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training (ACARET).

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