von: Ping Chen / Helme, M.

Modern Chinese Ear Acupuncture

Modern Chinese Ear Acupuncture

2003, 214 pages

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Modern Chinese Ear Acupuncture von Ping Chen / Helme, M.

This useful and well-organized text presents a great deal of information that can quickly be adapted for clinical facility.
It precisely lays out the indications and applications for ear acupuncture point, the characteristics of point selection, and the principles of prescription formation. Using charts and descriptions, anatomical areas and points on the external anterior and posterior surface of the ear are described and depicted. Each is identified with an English name and the international standard nomenclature for point reference.
The distribution patterns and classification, and standard names, locations, and indications for roughly 87 ear points are provided.
The theoretical basis and methods of ear diagnosis, including inspection, palpation, and electrical detection are described. Diagnostic indicators for 100 commonly seen internal and external diseases, OB/GYN diseases, dermal diseases, and EENT disorders are delineated.
A variety of therapeutic methods are covered: seed acupressure, filiform needling, intradermal needle implantation, electroacupuncture, plum blossom needling, bloodletting, medicine injection, ear moxibustion, ear massage, medicated plasters, and magnet therapy.
There is an extensive section dealing with treatments for more than 132 common disorders.
Each includes a treatment prescription (primary and supplementary points), therapeutic methods (listed above, and selected according to appropriate indications), and clinical notes.
Case studies with commentaries, from the clinical records of Dr. Yang Yun Bi, a physician at Huang Shan Medical School in Anhui Province, PRC, have been included where they correspond to the disorders presented.
Readers may note that for further clinical and study reference, the Modern Chinese Ear Acupuncture Chart is an attractive and detailed full-color depiction of all the points and areas described in the book.
Written by Ping Chen and edited by Michael Helme.
Ping Chen

Prof. Ping Chen
earned a Western medical doctorate at the Shandong Medical University with a specialization in cardiology. Subsequently she received a degree in Chinese medicine with a specialty in Chinese herbal therapy from the Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine University. Upon completion of her studies, she was made a professor at both Shandong Medical University and Shandong TCM University. In China she was widely known and highly regarded for her command of English and her skills in translating texts on Chinese medicine. From 1992 to 1998 she translated and published over one hundred books and innumerable articles on Chinese medicine to facilitate the studies of foreign students visiting China.
Director of the Confucius Institute, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Professor School of Languages and Cultures.
Qualifications: PhD in Linguistics, University of California, MA in Linguistics, University of California, MA in Chinese, Chinese Acad.Soc.Sc.. She teaches Chinese language and linguistics.

Helme, M.

Michael Helme
is the editor of Modern Chinese Ear Acupuncture.

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