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Pricking the Vessels - Bloodletting in Chinese Medicine - 2 (DVD)

Pricking the Vessels - Bloodletting in Chinese Medicine - 2 (DVD)

2011, 1 DVD, 180 min.

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Pricking the Vessels - Bloodletting in Chinese Medicine - 2 (DVD) von McCann, H.

Continuation of the first seminar about pricking the vessels, about blood letting in Chinese medicine.
Second part of the first seminar about Pricking the Vessels - Bloodletting in Chinese Medicine with Henry McCann.
In the second part you find more information on the practical side about bloodletting.
McCann shows methods of appling bloodletting, learn how to choose the location to bleed and the right therapy. He presents bloodletting point categories (Luo points) and according indications and talks about the individual points in detail. Finally he shows pictures and presents the use of bleeding therapy for many diseases like migraines, headaches and others. He talks about patterns and you learn exactly how to use this therapy. After this course you will be able to integrate this kind of treatment.
Blood letting helps a lot with chronic diseases, blood stasis, kidney vacuity, and problems releated to the Shen.

TAO-Kongress 2011, 1 DVD, 180 min., English.

McCann, H.

Dr. Henry McCann
is a licensed acupuncturist and Oriental medicine practitioner in the United States.
Dr. McCann completed his entry-level training at the New England School of Acupuncture, and then a doctorate in acupuncture and Oriental medicine with specialties in women´s health and geriatric medicine at the Oregon College of Oriential Medicine. He is also a graduate of Oberlin College (BA, BM) and was a Fulbright research fellow to Japan. Dr. McCann has thaught extensively in both the US and Europe. He is on the faculty of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (New York) and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine doctoral program, and is the head lecturer for the Cork institute of Post-Graduate Acupuncture (Ireland).
As a writer, Dr. McCann has been published several times in the international Journal of Chinese Medicine.

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