von: Young, Wei-Chieh

Lectures on Tung´s Acupuncture: Therapeutic System

Lectures on Tung´s Acupuncture: Therapeutic System

5th ed. 2013, 267 pages

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Lectures on Tung´s Acupuncture: Therapeutic System von Young, Wei-Chieh

This book by Wei Chieh Young focuses on the therapeutic system of Tung's Acupuncture.
Disorders covered in this book are written with point selections and the analysis of their reasons and theoretical principles.
The point selections according to the 14 meridians and the reasons explained in accordance with the classic acupuncture and Dr. Young's personal experience are accompanied too. There is also the comparison of the therapeutic effect between the applications of the 14-meridians and Tung's acupuncture.
All subjects are covered in depth and practical in clinic.
They help the readers to choose either the 14-meridians or the Tung's acup or the combination of both to treat diseases.
This is not only a book on Tugn's therapeutic system, but also a practical book on therapeutics in the 14 meridians.
Important theoretical principles such as Zang Fu Bei Tung (The extraordinary connections of the zangfu), Ti Ying Zhen Fa (Application of Holographic Acupuncture Technique for Different Parts of the Body), Taiji Holography and Correspondence, and the Method of Selecting Five Shu Points of the Same Five-element Category have their own chapters to elaborate their theoretical principles and applications in details. Those chapters will help the readers comprehend the advanced theories of Tung's extraordinary points and ingeniously incorporate Tung's acupuncture into their clinical practice.
All three books of Wei Chieh Young, the Therapeutic System, Points Study and Illustrated Acupuncture points (photos of the Tung points) are a perfect basis for learning the Tung Acupuncture style.

There is also a Spanish translation of this title available.

Young, Wei-Chieh

Dr. Young Wei-Chieh
was born in Qingdao, in Shandong Province, China. He was raised in Taiwan and presently resides in the United States. He earned Ph.D. degrees in philosophy from Beijing University, in medicine from Beijing TCM University, and in oriental medicine from Samra University of Oriental Medicine. Dr. Young is an exchange scholar of historiography at National Sun-Yat Sen University in Taiwan. Dr. Young has done extensive research in Chinese literature, history, and philosophy and has a particularly deep understanding of Chinese medicine and The Book of Changes (Yí Jíng). He has passed all of the highest national test on Chinese medicine in Taiwan. He learned Chinese medicine from his own family and moreover has studied with numerous famous Chinese physicians. He was a disciple of the preeminent acupuncturist Tung Chingchang, and a Ph.D. student under both the preeminent Chinese herb doctor Liu Duzhou and preeminent Book of Changes scholar Zhu Bokun. Dr. Young was the first Chinese doctor from Taiwan to be invited to lecture in the People´s Republic of China. He has also lectured in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Europe as well as many places in the United States. He has furthermore written a newspaper column for several major newspapers in Taiwan. He has served as director of the Taipei Municipality Chinese Physician´s Association, Executive Director of the Taipei Municipality Chinese Herbal Medicine Research Association, academic chairman for the American Acupuncture Association, and chairman of Taiwan´s Society for the Study of Chinese Medicine Theories and Principles. Dr. Young has been engaged in the practice of Chinese medicine for forty years. In 1990, he won the Hua Tuo prize in Taiwan for the Best Chinese Medical Doctor in the field of acupuncture. In 2000 he won the outstanding person of the year award from the World Congress of Chinese Medicine. He has published more than thirty books in Chinese on topics, such as the theory of Chinese medicine, The Inner Classic, acupuncture, Master Tung´s acupuncture points, the five transport points, internal medicine, the treatment of pain, longevity and diet therapy, and The Book of Changes. Many of these have already been translated into and published in Korean, English, and simplified Chinese characters. Dr. Young has also published more than one hundred papers and articles, and he is internationally recognized as a doctor and a scholar. He presently serves as doctoral advisor at many schools and is regularly invited to lecture and teach all over the world.

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