von: McCann, H./Ross, H.-G.

Practical Atlas of Tung´s Acupuncture

Practical Atlas of Tung´s Acupuncture

5th ed. 2016, 220 pages

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Practical Atlas of Tung´s Acupuncture von McCann, H./Ross, H.-G.

This book from Henry McCann and Hans-Georg Ross presents a complete overview of Master Tung’s Acupuncture Vol 5 -
a system that has become increasingly popular during recent years due to its high efficacy and concise theoretical concepts.
Introductory material elucidates the theoretical background and therapeutic strategies of Tung’s system.
Key topics include the three main categories for point selection:
Image Correspondence (Taiji), Channel Correspondence, and Tissue Correspondence.
Also described are needling methods, point selection, and the concept of coupled needling (Dao Ma).
The book provides a complete and extensive atlas of Tung’s acupuncture including important secret family lineage points. Point locations and indications are described both in terms of Master Tung’s original zonal arrangement and with reference to the conventional primary channels with which they are functionally associated. A useful glossary correlates symptoms, syndromes, and diseases with the appropriate points or point combinations applicable in each case.
Over 50 diagrams provide the reader with a reliable quick location guide. Extensive comments on almost each point or point group with cross references to various important classic and modern sources explain the interrelationship between point location, indication, and needling technique.

"The Practical Atlas of Tung's Acupuncture is the reference text for which many of us have been waiting. McCann and Ross, both experienced teachers, have designed this text to make it equally valuable to both the nascent student and the seasoned practitioner."

"I am finding this an extremely useful and helpful book - even though I started at the back and am now just beginning to read the beginning. I have had loads of success since playing with the points and style of acupuncture recommended in this book."

“Dr McCann's book on Tung's Acupuncture is clear, concise, accessible, informative and a game-changer. This book is unlike all other Tung's Acupuncture books I've seen to-date, and I've seen many. It is so easy to study from, easy to use in the clinic and has taught me many new things through shifting my perspective on the points. The illustrations are also very clear and easy to understand. I can't recommend the book highly enough.”
“I purchased the book from Henry during an advanced Master Tung seminar he was teaching. This was first time working with Henry, my previous Master Tung studies were with Wei Chieh Young. I found Henry's 2 day seminar to be well organized, thoughtful and well done. He has a clear command of the material and an organized manner in his presentation. The book's format is well designed, the language is clear and it has enough "new" thoughts about Master Tung's acupuncture to make it a worthy addition to your library.”

“The book is well organized , good drawing and makes it easy for beginner to understand the concept. There is an excellent contribution by the writer in term of Theory in this style of Acupuncture on pg 26-30, which I haven't seen before in Dr Young's book or Dr Maher's. This is a must have book for the student and practitioner of Tung's Acupuncture.”

“The atlas is a very useful resource for classroom and clinic, great for the student and the professional learning and practicing Tung's Extraordinary Acupuncture System.”

“This is a terrific text of great clarity and depth. It gets my highest recommendation, alongside any of Drs. Lee, Young, Carson or Maher texts.”

McCann, H.

Dr. Henry McCann
is a licensed acupuncturist and Oriental medicine practitioner in the United States.
Dr. McCann completed his entry-level training at the New England School of Acupuncture, and then a doctorate in acupuncture and Oriental medicine with specialties in women´s health and geriatric medicine at the Oregon College of Oriential Medicine. He is also a graduate of Oberlin College (BA, BM) and was a Fulbright research fellow to Japan. Dr. McCann has thaught extensively in both the US and Europe. He is on the faculty of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (New York) and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine doctoral program, and is the head lecturer for the Cork institute of Post-Graduate Acupuncture (Ireland).
As a writer, Dr. McCann has been published several times in the international Journal of Chinese Medicine.

Ross, H.-G.

Hans-Georg Ross
is a licensed acupuncturist and a certified acupuncture instructor (Chamber of Physicians, Düsseldorf). He received his training in TCM and Acupuncture from the DÄGfA and the University Witten / Herdecke, Germany. Prior to his professional training in Acupuncture Dr. Ross was a Professor of Neurophysiology at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf and a Research Fellow at the University of Western Ontario (London / Canada) and at the Indian Institute for Chemical Biology (Calcutta / India). He is a Fellow of the Indian Academy for Neurosciences and an Emeritus Member of the Society for Neuroscience (USA).
Dr. Ross has taught Acupuncture in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. He is the co-author of a textbook on the Balance-Method in Acupuncture and acts as the Scientific coordinator of the B.Sc. program TCM - Akupunktur at the Dresden International University. He works as a general practitioner with focus on acupuncture. Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Georg Ross Facharzt für Physiologie und Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin; Zusatzbezeichnung Akupunktur. Seine Ausbildung in Akupunktur und TCM erhielt er bei der Deutschen Ärztegesellschaft für Akupunktur, an der Universität Witten/Herdecke und an der Shenzhou Open University of TCM. Er ist in eigener TCM-Praxis tätig.

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