von: Yeung, Him-Che

Handbook of Chinese Herbs

Handbook of Chinese Herbs

2. ed. 1996, 673 pages

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Handbook of Chinese Herbs von Yeung, Him-Che

Working from Chinese sources and following the style of modern Chinese pharmacopoeia, the author has compiled basic information for over 400 substances from the Chinese materia medica. Entries are organized alphabetically by Pinyin name.
Each description includes common, Chinese, botanical and pharmaceutical name, botanical family and medicinal part, taste, properties, therapeutic meridian and TCM functions and pharmacological action or specific effect. Contraindications are listed as are the chemical constituents of the substances and recommended dosages. The appendix on application of herbs allows for categorization by Western disease condition. Four indexes allow cross-referencing by pharmaceutical name, latin name, common name and Chinese name.
Yeung, Him-Che

Him-Che Yeung, Lac. OMD, PhD.
Los Angeles County, USA.

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