von: Moss, C.

Power of the Five Elements

Power of the Five Elements

2010, 312 pages

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Power of the Five Elements von Moss, C.

Drawing on his experience from a 30-year integrative medical practice, Dr. Charles A. Moss offers a synthesis of the wisdom of Taoist Chinese Medicine and current mind-body research.
He presents five adaptation types, based on the Chinese five phases, that can help both patient and practitioner understand stress reactions and identify behavioral changes, exercises, and meditations that will improve individual adaptive capacities, reduce stress, and enhance healthy aging.
Moss also emphasizes the importance of lowering abnormal levels of cortisol, the main stress hormone associated with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.
Moss, C.

Dr. Charles A. Moss, MD
is a pioneer in the use of therapeutic nutrition in medicine. He attended the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine and completed a residency in preventive medicine and family practice at the University of Arizona School of Medicine in 1978. Moss established one of the first holistic health medical clinics in the United States. Dr. Moss utilizes traditional Five Element acupuncture in his practice. He studied with J. R. Worsley in England. He also teaches physicians at medical conferences throughout the United States and abroad.

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