von: Kim, Hyunbae

Handbook of Oriental Medicine

Handbook of Oriental Medicine

5th ed. 2013, 700 pages

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Handbook of Oriental Medicine von Kim, Hyunbae

Handbook of Oriental Medicine is a book which is composed exclusively of tables and charts.
It will provide an invaluable reference for students prepping for licensure examinations.
The book covers everything in a systematic, thorough, and accessible manner, including fundamental theory, diagnosis, acupuncture therapy, herbs, formulas, Western medicine, and CNT and other regulations.
Requisite materials sources include cross references to Foundations of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Acupuncture a Comprehensive Text, and Acupuncture Case Histories from China.
Hyunbae Kim gives impressive details, the format concise, the scope encyclopaedic.
It's fair to say that everything you need to know for successful licensure exam outcome you can likely find in this book.
Kim, Hyunbae

Hyunbae Kim
HB, as his friends and students fondly call him, has been a teacher of Chinese and Korean medicine, since his arrival to the U.S. in 1997. His passion, humor and knowledge for the ancient medicine continue to inspire many. He began his training at early age, practicing Korean hand acupuncture while he was still in high school. Later, he taught classes and was the president of the KHT society at his college. Over the course of the last 8 years, his comprehensive TCM Review courses have prepared hundreds of TCM graduates taking the CA State and NCCAOM boards. With a specialization in Korean medicine, HB's vision is to offer a 160-hour course in Sa-sang Constitutional medicine, Yin-yang balancing, Sa-am four needle technique and classic Korean prescription formulation.

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