von: Yang, Shou-Zhong/Liu, Da-Wei

Fu Qing-Zhu´s Gynecology

Fu Qing-Zhu´s Gynecology

1995, 257 pages

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Fu Qing-Zhu´s Gynecology von Yang, Shou-Zhong/Liu, Da-Wei

This is a translation of one of the best known books on Chinese gynecology and obstetrics, dating from the early Qing Dynasty. With most famous formulas.
Yang Shou-Zhong

Yang Shou-zhong
was born in Tangshan, Hebei into a family of Confucian scholars. He was raised and educated by his uncle who tutored him in the Chinese classics, including medicine, from 1950-1960. From 1960-64, Yang studied English at the Tangshan Teachers' College from which he graduated with a B.A. degree. From 1966-68, Yang studied Chinese medicine and acupuncture-moxibustion with Dr. Xu Shou-wen, a pupil of Shi Jin-mo, a very famous modern TCM scholar. During the Cultural Revolution, Yang, like so many other Chinese, was "sent down to the countryside to learn from the Chinese people." While there, he practiced Chinese medicine and gained a reputation as being a very effective healer. At the same time, from 1972-79, he was principal of a middle school and a tutor in a special training course for "barefoot doctors." After the Cultural Revolution, from 1979-81, Yang studied English postgraduate at the Beijing Languages Institute, and, in 1981, he got a job as an English teacher at the North China Coal Mines Medical College. This allowed him to continue his personal medical studies from 1982-84 in the Rehabilitation Research Center of the Teaching Hospital of the North China coal Mines Medical College. Yang has continued teaching English at this college to this day where he is also A) editor of the North China Cola Mines Medical College Journal of Medicine, B) director of the Qigong Research Center, and C) instructor of foreign students in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

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