von: Shibata, Y./Wu, J.

Kampo Treatment for Climateric Disorders

Kampo Treatment for Climateric Disorders

1998, 274 pages

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Kampo Treatment for Climateric Disorders von Shibata, Y./Wu, J.

This text presents a modern method of ainistration of classical Chinese herbal formulas that is known as Kampo, one of the oldest medical traditions of Japan.
Having a history of effectiveness when ainistered for chronic degenerative conditions and aging-related diseases, it is among the most commonly prescribed therapies for menopausal complaints.
Properly ainistered, Kampo medicines cause few adverse reactions and can be confidently prescribed for long-term ainistration.
Written by Dr. Yoshiharu Shibata and Jean Wu.

All I have are compliments....the prose is wonderful - clear, precise. The point-of-view is admirable, informed and balanced.
--- Charles Leslie, Harvard Medical School

I found the book to be very interesting and thorough in its discussion of Kampo medicine for the treatment of menopause-related conditions. I would recommend the book to complementary physicians who are interested in Oriental medicine as well as interested laypeople.
--- Dr. Susan Lark

It is refreshing...to see such an accomplished analysis of Kampo. The authors take great pains to explain their subject in terms that are comprehensible to Western medical practitioners. This is a great book for anyone interested in exploring the rich tradition of Japanese herbal medicine, especially for those Western medical doctors who wish to expand their therapeutic techniques.
--- North American Journal of Oriental Medicine

[Dr. Shibata] was without a doubt one of the great masters of modern times. The theoretical structure of kampo does not yield easily to didactic instruction, and Jean Wu has done a superb job of making it clear to the practitioner or student of Oriental medicine. Hopefully, future work in the explication of kampo will adhere to similar standards of precision and clarity.
--- Daniel C. Kenner, L.Ac.

Shibata, Y.

Dr. Yoshiharu Shibata M.D. (1920-1993)
was a radiologist and a practitioner of Kampo whose career spanned more than four decades. He was a renowned clinician and a founding member of the Japan Society for Oriental Medicine.

Wu, J.

Jean Wu
investigated Kampo while working in Osaka under a grant from the Nagakura Pharmaceutical Company. She completed her studies at Harvard-Radcliffe Colleges, receiving a BA in Chemistry and a MS in Health Policy and Management at the Harvard School of Public Health.

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