von: Zhang Dai-zhao

Alleviating the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Alleviating the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

2007, 542 pages

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Alleviating the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment von Zhang Dai-zhao

Cancer patients are plagued by the undesirable, and often unbearable, adverse effects of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and other treatment modalities.
Many patients report these side effects to be at least as intolerable as the cancer itself.
The focus of this book is on how to use modern diagnostic methods and Chinese medical treatment to address this problem.
The author of this book, Dr. Zhang Dai-zhao, is a well-known oncologist in China and is the one of the leading authorities on the usage of integrative medicine to relieve the side effects of cancer treatment. There are few books on this subject available on the market, which makes this an invaluable resource for all clinicians who are involved in the management of cancer.
Zhang Dai-zhao

Zhang Dai-zhao
Clinical Doctoral Supervisor and Professor, Bejing University of TCM.

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