von: Sun, Peilin

The Management of post-operative pain with acupuncture

The Management of post-operative pain with acupuncture

2007, 384 pages

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The Management of post-operative pain with acupuncture von Sun, Peilin

This text gives a thorough and analytical review of the treatment options for post-operative pain, using acupuncture. Based on the clinical experience of the author and supported by that of acupuncturists in Chinese universities, the book offers a comprehensive and detailed set of treatments for a wide variety of post-operative pain symptoms and conditions, and includes detailed modifications of the treatments, to aid clinical practice.
Sun, Peilin

Sun Peilin,
finished medical study in 1981 and obtained his Master degree of TCM in 1988. 1988 till 1990 lecturer in Nanjing University of TCM. 1990 till present, lecturing TCM in Belgium and some European countries. Since 2000, guest professor at Guangxi university of TCM and Jiangxi college of TCM, China. His publications include ?Bi syndrome or rheumatic diseases treated by TCM, The treatment of pain with Chinese herbs and acupuncture, The management of post operative pain with acupuncture and Sports medicine in TCM.

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