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Mai, 2021

29MaiDen ganzen Tag30Free International Online Symposium(Den ganzen Tag) Online EventSchwerpunkt:Ärzte,Heilpraktiker,Therapeuten


Covid-19 and Chinese Medicine

Sharing experiences – Discussion cases

Covid-19 and Chinese Medicine Covid-19 „presents with a broad but non-specific spectrum of symptoms“ (Robert Koch Institute) and, according to general expert opinion, the health care systems will have to deal with it in the long term. More and more patients are seeking support from Chinese medicine therapists because of problems after a Covid-19 infection (Post-Covid or Long-Covid), or also in acute cases where treatment is often only possible online. Free International Online-Symposium On May 29-30, 2021, we will therefore present experiences in the treatment of (post-)covid patients from different countries. Our starting point is that there are no easy solutions, although these have been suggested at times. The number of cases is still too small to be able to make more general statements from the perspective of Chinese medicine. Due to the huge variety of symptoms, individually tailored treatment approaches are required. But that‘s one of the strengths of Chinese medicine. And the experiences made so far are promising. The focus of the symposium will accordingly be on case studies. (See the call for cases on the next page). And we will introduce ongoing studies conducted in the US and in Austria.

  • TCM connect study, Sieam study
  • Clinical experiences
  • Panel – What and how can we learn from our clinical experiences


Dr. Martina Bögel-Witt (AGTCM) Michael Huber (ABZ München) Dr. Verena Baustädter,
Dr. Katharina Krassnig Craig Mitchell, Dan Bensky Prof. Dr. Volker Scheid International Practitioners and Katherine Taromina

„Call for Cases“ -present your case At the symposium, cases from international practitioners will be presented in 2:30 hours .

If you want to join in and present a case please send your slides until latest May 15 to

Your presentation would be less than 5 min. for a short case, or less than 10 min. for a complicated case. It could be herbal treatment as well as acupuncture. If you plan to present a case of acute infection, please be aware that the majority of symptomatic Covid-19 infections cease by itself within days and without treatment. It should be evident that in your case your treatment made a difference.



Mai 29 (Samstag) - 30 (Sonntag)


Online Event