Acupuncture Point and Channel Energetics

Bridging the Gap

  • ISBN: 9782970103929
  • 2019, 544 pages


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According to Hamid Montakab there is a gap between the known classical texts on Chinese Medicine and different other concepts or acupuncture styles that are being practiced today.
Currently two major streams dominated Chinese Medicine in the past, Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) as opposed to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a term droped out from the early years of Communist China. Historically, when Chinese Medicine came to other neighbouring cultures and got influenced by these, they brought out a number of methods and concepts, that are not to be found in the Chinese Classics. Another source and great contribution has been the Daoist oral tradition. These concepts have got explained in many of the classical writings.
This book combines the classics, with the oral traditions and the European acupuncture, namely the French tradition, supplemented by the author’s personal clinical experiences.

The book is organized in three parts:
Part I covers all of the theories pertaining to the energetic structure of the body, the channel systems and the point categories.
It is a good overview of the Classical Chinese as well as the French concepts on acupuncture.
Part II explores the point functions and indications, which have been compiled from about 20 leading texts, classical as well as modern, with the reference source for each function and indication.
Part III describes the Extraordianry vessels and the Secondary Channels, the Sinew, the Connecting and the Divergent channels and their clinical applications and examples, compiling the classical texts, the French-Vietnamese school and the Daoistic oral concepts as supplied by Master J. Yuen.




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