Acupuncture Points: Images and Functions

Images & Functions

  • ISBN: 9783939616085
  • 2005, 363 pages


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Descriptions and functions of about 250 acupoints by Arnie Lade.
This book offers an in-depth discussion of the derivation and clinical applications of hundreds of the most commonly used acupuncture points.
‘Images’ are the mental pictures and associations suggested by the Chinese characters which comprise the names of the points.
And ‘Functions’ are the energetic actions of the points themselves.
In this richly-researched book prepared in consultation with leading Chinese scholars, the author presents the images and functions, location, classification, indications and contraindications for each of the points.
It is an extensive repertory of traditional functions and patterns with their associated points, organized in table format, enables the practitioner to move quickly from diagnosis to prescription of appropriate points.
This title also included is a Chinese character dictionary in which various meanings of the Chinese characters used in the point names are identified, and different points whose names share the same characters are noted.
An index of points arranged by channel, alphanumeric number, pinyin and English is provided for easy reference to the points in the book.