Jealous-J. S.

An Osteopathic Odyssey

Edited by Jennifer Weiss D.O.

  • ISBN: 9780996865104
  • 2015, 171 pages


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Dr. James Jealous is the founder of The Biodynamics of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field
He continues the work of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still and Dr. William Garner Sutherland.
This book is a series of commentaries from almost 50 years of practicing Osteopathy using the Biodynamic Methodology.
It has daily comments and some practical tasks that can be used to support skill development and Osteopathic thinking.
The book is randomly organized to eliminate rational interpretation and help ones understanding as a whole.
It is more a travelogue of his journey becoming an osteopath than a textbook.

from the content:

  • a foreword by the author
  • a calendar with texts for every day of the year
  • bibliography
  • notes by James Jealous, Anne Wales, Ruby Day, Rollin Becker and Bill Johnson.



Jealous-J. S.

Jealous-J. S.