Weber-D. | Wang Jing

Chinese Herbal Medicine and Psychophysiology

Vagus Nerve, Psychological and Neurophysiological ...

  • ISBN: 9780646509617
  • 2010, 92 pages


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full title: Psychological and Neurophysiological Dysfunction.
This concise tome continues Daniel Weber?s work at integrating traditional and orthodox medicines, of bringing rational scientific understandings to ancient insights. Examining the parallels between traditional medicines of the East and the emerging science of psychophysiology, Weber discusses the theories of vagaltone advanced by Porges and Cozolino, and the TCM concept of san jiao (triple burner). When examining psychological distress, we now understand that the psyche/soma is a multilevel system, which embraces the whole human. This work contributes to the development of a new era of medicine by bringing together the best of East and West and the best of ancient and modern.