Chinese Medical Obstetrics

  • Publisher: Blue Poppy Press
  • ISBN: 9781891845307
  • 2005, 450 pages


Delivery time: ca. 5 - 10 Tage/days


This book is both a study text and clinical manual on the Chinese medical treatment of obstetric conditions, or diseases women may experience during pregnancy, childbirth, and shortly thereafter. However, in addition to everything one would expect to find in such a book, this text also includes: Abstracts of recent Chinese research for most chapters Case history examples of common clinical presentations throughout the book Clinical tips at the end of each chapter from the author’s personal experience Special medicinals or important acupuncture points for specific conditions Cautions or danger signs that every practitioner of Chinese medical obstetrics needs to know An easy-to-follow two color design Protocols for five dozen Chinese gestational, birthing, and postpartum conditions This book sets a new standard in the study and practice of Chinese medical obstetrics and should have a prominent place in the library of any Chinese medical practitioner specializing in gynecology or seeing pregnant and newly delivered woman.