Curing Hay Fever Naturally with Chinese Medicine

  • ISBN: 9783936185911
  • 1997, 146 pages


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This book describes the Chinese theories on the cause and nature of asthma, hay fever, and allergic conditions and a host of simple, low-or no-cost home therapies to prevent and heal this common disease.
The incidence of hay fever and allergic asthma seems to be on the rise in developed countries.
Chinese medicine has been treating hay fever and other allergies for more than 2,000 years.
In this book you will learn the Chinese theory on the cause of allergic conditions.
You will also learn a host of safe, simple, low or no cost home therapies to prevent and heal this widespread disease, including:
Chinese dietary therapy
Deep relaxation
Chinese self-massage
Magnet therapy
Chinese herbs
How to find a professional practitioner of Chinese medicine.

The book is part of Blue Poppy Press’s very popular series Curing Naturally with Chinese Medicine.
Like all the other books in this series, this book was written specifically for the lay reader.