Shifu Hwang

Herbal Surgeon Immortal Cancer Care

Compiled by the writings of Zao Yi Zen, Wan Lai Seng, ...

  • ISBN: 9780985102814
  • 2013, 258 pages


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Herbal Surgeon Immortal Cancer Care by Shifu Hwang is not an academic textbook but more of a linear and folkloric transmission compiled from the writings of Taoist Master Zao Yi Zen, Martial Artist Wan Lai Seng, and Yang Zi Tao, and translated and amended by Shifu Hwang.
It is presented in two parts.
Chapters in Part One include emergency treatment methods using acupuncture points, followed by formulas for saving the life of those presumed dead, cancer yin and yang syndrome, energy-boosting internal herbs, warm-natured herbal plasters, hot-natured herbal plasters, cold-natured herbal plasters, supplementary formulas, treatment of malicious cysts, curing scrofulous lumps, discussions of cancers and abscesses, syndrome shape on the back or around the body, and notes on leprosy.
Chapters in Part Two enumerate a materia medica of 267 herbs, illustrated with ancient line drawings, and organized by functional indications, e.g., exterior resolving, heat clearing, astringing, etc.


Shifu Hwang

Shifu Hwang