Identifying and Treating Blockages to Healing

New Approaches to Therapy-Resistant Patients

  • ISBN: 9783131278715
  • 2004, 272 pages


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According to the Work of Frank Bahr, M.D. and Paul Nogier, M.D.

Therapists around the world know the following problem from their daily practice: some patients seem to be resistant to treatment despite all diagnostic and therapeutic efforts. Whether it is a young and healthy woman with recurrent inflammation of the bladder or a fit man with tormenting back pain-the symptoms have become chronic, and the key for unlocking the vicious cycle seems to be lost. Quite often the key to solving the health problem is a focus.
The method of identifying a focus by means of active acupuncture points in the reflex zones of the ear is so simple and so easy to learn that it doesn’t come as a surprise that, in Germany and many other European countries, focus diagnosis has now become a widely practiced method of complementary medicine, especially for patients who are resistant to therapy. In many cases, where such foci were found and treated with earacupuncture or neural therapy, an improvement in chronic ailments that previously resisted conventional treatments could be seen.
This book, based on the seminal work of P. Nogier and F. Bahr, addresses the basic concepts and information about this revolutionary approach to healing. Profit from the author’s years of international teaching experience and learn the basics and application of this important diagnostic tool to remove blockages to healing and expand your treatment possibilities.