Li Shi Zhen

Pulse Diagnosis

taken from the Bin Hu Ma Xue

  • ISBN: 9783912111064
  • 1985, 128 pages


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The Bin Hu Ma Xue, from which this translation was taken, was first written in 1518.
It has been a necessary component of acupuncture education for some hundred years.
This translation develops each of the basic pulses and their combinations, explaining the essentials of pulse diagnosis: depth, position, relation to areas of the body, seasonal variation, and organ relationships. The four principal pulses are detailed and explained and the variations of each are described.
The significance of each pulse and variation is presented in Oriental medical terms.
Each of the 27 pulse states is compared to associated pulses according to their relation to the cun, guan and chi positions.
The significance of each pulse in practice is described.
The appendices present a Pinyin and character glossary and tables of information for easy reference for all standard pulses.
Nearly 80 illustrations of pulse types are included, graphically represented as waves, following the standards used in China.
The combination of text and graphics makes this the most accessible reference to understanding Chinese pulse diagnosis.


Li Shi Zhen

Li Shi Zhen

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