Wang Qi-cai

Secondary Channels and Collaterals

Research on Secondary Channels and Collateral Systems

  • ISBN: 9787117080668
  • 2006, 647 pages


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The author, Wang Qi-cai, is the chief compiler of the famous text, Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion and this work is its logical extension.
It gives the details of theory and practice concerning the eight extraordinary vessels, the twelve divergent channels, collaterals, the twelve sinew channels, the twelve cutaneous regions, branch and root – origin and termination, and four seas.
Each of these chapters describes the nomencalture and definition, course and distribution, manifestations, physiological functions, pathologies, related points and clinical applilcations.
Case analyses are presented relative to each chapter.
The text is supported with channel diagrams, illustrations of point locations, and tables, and the language is much improved in terms of translation and editing.

Compiled by Prof. Wang Qi-cai,
translated by Shi Bing-bing and Svetlana Mann,
edited by James Green.


Wang Qi-cai

Wang Qi-cai