Flaws-B. | Wolfe-H.

Sticking to the Point

A Step by Step Approach to TCM Acupuncture Therapy

  • ISBN: 9781891845475
  • 2008, 450 pages


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Western students and beginning practitioners will find this book an invaluable aid in honing their ability to understand and use TCM. The first section of this book explains in depth how to do a complex, individualized TCM diagnosis, how to arrange and make sense of confusing signs and symptoms, and how to think using TCM terms and statements. Although specifically about acupuncture, the method presented can be used to build a TCM treatment plan using any modality. The second section of this book presents specific acumoxa treatments for all the main TCM patterns, including commentary and explanations.


Previous two volume edition now combined, improved, and redesigned into one volume
Terminology definitions included directly in the text
Q & A at the end of most chapters
Real-life case histories with point protocols
Point theory examples in Section One are visually referenced to specific point formulas in Section Two
List of patterns correlated to treatment principles