Fromm-Adi | Polak-Guy

The Book of Balance Method

Second edition

  • 2017, 268 pages


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The Balance Method is an effective, powerful and easy to learn method, developed by Dr. Richard Tan.
The popularity of the balance method emerges from its ability to present a detailed and simple explanation for the meridians theory. This comprehensive publication on the balance method written by Adi Fromm and Guy Polak describes its roots and theories while presenting in-depth explanations and multiple case studies. In this book you can to find everything you need regarding the Balance Method: basic understanding, philosophical background, detailed explanations, and a simple and clear rationale toward implementation of the method, which will accompany you from the stage of diagnosis until the stage of point selection. The Book of Balance Method includes detailed breakdowns of case studies where the authors go through diagnosis and treatment. With each case study there is a explanation of the treatment, the duration of the treatment exploring any changes to the patient and the outcome. Each case study has tips for the practitioners. The book containts charts, diagrams and tables to help organise the infomation in a precise digestible manner Guy Polak and Adi Fromm are experienced acupuncture practitioners with over 15 years of experience, both of whom hold Dr Richard Tan’s Gold Member certificate as Balance Method practitioners. Their pioneering work in integrating Chinese Medicine in Israel has been widely recognised and has become a model for integrating Chinese medicine in modern hospitals. They established the Israeli Tan Centre – the first official centre in the world for treatment, research, development, and teaching of the Balance Method – with the blessings and guidance of Dr Tan. They have treated patients across a variety of wards and dislipines,  rthopedics, Gastro, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Oncology, Urology, Physiology, Gynecology, Maternity, etc.’This is a very, very good book and it will be read cover to cover and used as a reference repeatedly. In summary this book is a great improvement on the work begun by Richard Tan. If you are fascinated by alternative interpretations of pulse diagnosis and the web that connects the meridians and if you are interested in improving your understanding of the six systems, then this book will intrigue.’ — Kevin Ryan

Chapter 01 The Chinese Health Model
Chapter 02 The Theory of Meridians
Chapter 03 The Balance Method

Chapter 04 Acupuncture 1, 2, 3
Chapter 05 Diagnosis
Chapter 06 Finding the Balance
Chapter 07 Balance Methods
System No. 1
System No. 2
System No. 3
System No. 4
System No. 5
System No. 6
Chapter 08 Point Selection Preamble
Chapter 09 Point Selection – The Mirror Principle
Right/Left Mirror
Up/Down Mirror
Anterior/Posterior Mirror
Chapter 10 Point Selection The Imaging Principle
Limbs to Body
Palm and Foot to Head and Face
Limbs to Head/Face
Imaging of Scalp to Body
Chapter 11 Case Studies
First Part ? Treatment Principles
Part Two
Internal Medicine
The Story of LU5
Chapter 12
Summary, Common Tips and Questions
Extra Points
Diagrams of Balance Methods
Mirror Sketches
Imaging Sketches
Full Matrix Table
Index of Case Studies