Debra Betts

The Essential Guide to Acupuncture in Pregnancy & Childbirth

  • ISBN: 9780951054697
  • 2006, 320 pages


Delivery time: ca. 5 - 10 Tage/days


This is the long-awaited book by Debra Betts, author of several articles in The Journal of Chinese Medicine. Debra Betts specialises in the treatment of women during pregnancy and childbirth and in the post-natal period and has taught many courses to midwives. This book covers virtually every aspect of treatment during this time and is designed for acupuncturists, midwives, physiotherapists and medical acupuncturists, with clear glossaries and explanations of both Chinese and Western medical terminology.

Diesen Titel gibt es auch in deutscher Übersetzung hier bei naturmed.


Debra Betts

Debra Betts

Debra Betts, with a background in neonatal intensive care nursing Debra entered into the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine in London, graduating in 1989 from the British College of Acupuncture. Returning to New Zealand she started a private practice promoting acupuncture for women’s health issues, with a focus on teaching…

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