The Geology of the Modern Cancer Epidemic

Through the Lens of Chinese Medicine

  • ISBN: 9789814436304
  • 2013, 560 pages


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Lahans Tai shows in the book the Geology of the Modern Cancer Epidemic, that cancers are increasing across the world. Except for viral-based cancers, all cancers are diseases that could be prevented. The Geology of the Modern Cancer Epidemic looks at many phases of determined, probable and possible causation for different common cancers. Lahans shows that the causes include realities found in culture, anthropology, sociology, politics, environment, agriculture and food, beliefs, and the modern lifestyle. They are filtered through the constant science of Chinese medicine. It is an ecological system of knowing and understanding the human body as it connects to the world around us.
Lahans shows in his book different types of cancers like lung, colorectal, breast, prostate, and virally-caused cancers. The Geology of the Modern Cancer Epidemic shows the interweaves of conventional medical knowledge of these cancers with modern realities and with Chinese medicine interpretations and strategies for treating expected pre-cancerous conditions. This book is very usefull for therapeuts of Chinese medicine. It is also helpful for patients suffering a cancer diagnosis in terms to survive and for other medical practitioners who wants to understand how to integrate care for cancerous diseases and conditions related to Chinese medicine and prevention.

The last chapters of the Geology of the Modern Cancer Epidemic are dedicated to find answers for healing the cancer by making connections between how we live, what we believe, the environment we are creating based on beliefs, and the social and political mechanisms we are having and takes us from change and therefore from the cure of cancer.
With a foreword by Vandana Shiva.