The Qigong Bible

The definitive guide to energy cultivation exercise

  • ISBN: 9781841814629
  • 2017, 320 pages


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Includes expert tips on how to practise Qigong for health, spiritual development and martial prowess.
The ancient art of Qigong, the seed of martial arts, not only allows you to maintain your health but also heals the bodies and calms the minds of those who practice it. Featuring 300 photographs from the main schools of Qigong, The Qigong Bible is the ultimate, comprehensive guide to practising Qigong and finding a mental and physical balance in life, encouraging readers of all levels to make Qigong a part of their everyday life.

Katherine Allen has been teaching Qigong since 1992. She is a senior instructor and honorary vice president of The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. She is a Level 8 senior instructor of Practical Tai Chi Chuan International and has given workshops, talks and demonstrations to a wide variety of groups, including London Mind Body Soul exhibitions and GMTV.