The Roots of Chinese Medicine

  • 2008, video, 245 min

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This video by Peter Firebrace gives an overview of the influences
that helped to shape the particular perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, its framework and way of thinking.
It contains:
Part 1 (0:42)
Introduction – Origins
Philosophical Influences
• The Book of Change (Yi Jing)
Part 2 (0:42)
Philosophical Influences
• Confucianism
• Daoism
• Nourishing Life School
(Yang Sheng)
Part 3 (0:58)
Philosophical and Medical Principles
• Qi
• Yin Yang
• The Five Elements (Wu Xing)
Part 4 (0:56)
The Five Elements I
• Water
• Wood
• Fire
Part 5 (0:45)
The Five Elements II
• Fire (continuation)
• Metal
• Earth
Bonus: »Roots«, a poem by Peter Firebrace.