Wang-W. | Peilin Sun | Tan-S.

Understanding, Managing and Treating Female Infertility with

Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • ISBN: 9781848193475
  • 2019, 496 pages


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Written by an international team of TCM experts gives students and practitioners a comprehensive book for integrative fertility practice. The book explains the basic concepts of infertility and sterility from a Western and a TCM viewpoint before moving on to discussion of TCM aetiologies, pathologies, symptoms and syndromes treatment for infertility. The ‘four pillars’ of TCM treatment are covered: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine (including dietary therapy), Tui Na and Qi gong. Taking a fully integrative approach, advice is given for supporting women through TCM as they undergo IVF and assisted fertility treatment, and into pregnancy and the postnatal period.

Section 1. Understanding of Infertility. 1. General introduction on infertility in modern medicine. 2. Concepts of fertility in TCM. 3. Aetiologies and pathologies of female infertility in TCM. 4. Analysis and significance of symptoms and signs of infertility in TCM. Section 2: Management and Treatment of Infertility. 5. Cycle regulation in the treatment of infertility in TCM. 6. Syndrome treatment of infertility in TCM. 7. Management of related diseases in modern medicine. 8. TCM assistance in modern procedures for infertility. 9. Obstetrics – Management of pregnancy-related diseases. 10. Post-Natal – Management of post-natal related diseases.


Peilin Sun

Peilin Sun

Sun Peilin, finished medical study in 1981 and obtained his Master degree of TCM in 1988. 1988 till 1990 lecturer in Nanjing University of TCM. 1990 till present, lecturing TCM in Belgium and some European countries. Since 2000, guest professor at Guangxi university of TCM and Jiangxi college of TCM,…

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