Videos about acupuncture and Chinese medicine (TCM-Videocenter)


Our TCM Video Center is a collection of over 500 videos on acupuncture points, acupuncture techniques, Chinese herbal treatment examples and more. The videos are lectures and workshops at TCM congresses with absolute TCM experts. All lectures can be ordered online for a fee or on DVD. Here are three examples from examples of Bob Flaws on Tibetan Medicine. Jason Robertson and Ju Yi about channel palpation in individual channels and Stephen Birch on Shonishin (Japanese children’s acupuncture). >> Click here to access our TCM-videocenter

Books and videos about acupuncture and TCM

Here you find a huge variety of acupuncture books and books about herbal medicine as well as all other TCM areas like Tuina or nutrition. Acupuncture and TCM in general is a wide field of application. If you are in an acupuncture education, you need the knowledge of acupuncture points (acupuncture atlas) and you must learn the point localization and needling techniques. These include primarily books like Deadman’s manual of acupuncture or the acupuncture atlas of Focks or Hecker. Various titles on the meridian doctrine also provide important access to the understanding of acupuncture points and organ relationships (zang fu). With increasing acupuncture practice, peripheral areas such as acu-taping, acupressure, cupping, gua sha or moxibustion are gradually being developed.

Especially the ear acupuncture is an incredibly exciting area. Authors like Nogier, Bahr and Strittmatter with their pocket atlas of ear acupuncture are in charge here. Another hot topic is the balance method or also known as Tung-style acupuncture. The leading book here is by Ross and Mccann, called the practical atlas of tung´s acupuncture. Also very interesting is the Japanese acupuncture (for example from Kiiko Matsumoto and David Euler). This acupuncture style is extremely effective for pain acupuncture. There are many special segments such as hand, mouth or body acupuncture. Many of these authors we know personally for years. This is a great source of expertise for us. The same is valid for books about Chinese and western herbs. Don´t hesitate to ask us about the differences of advantages of specific books. We are happy to assist you.

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