Chiropractic books

Books about chiropractics

Books for chiropractors show how joint blocks, muscle pain and tension can be resolved. The aim of chiropractic is to free the blockages of nerve tracts again and to activate the self-healing powers of the patient’s body.

The nervous impairment often comes from the spine. Thus, a blockade of the cervical spine can cause dizziness or hearing and vision problems.

Derived from the Greek word cheiro (hand) and practice, the plot shows the two terms already, what is it about a chiropractor – and without medication! Depending on which part of the spine is blocked, this results in different complaint patterns. The leader in this field is Simon’s Chiropractic textbook. This instructional and practical book gives the aspiring chiropractor a good insight into the treatment techniques. Well illustrated, the author shows what impulses must be given where to correct a wrong position of the spine. Over 100 techniques, some with alternatives, are presented. The techniques are sorted by body regions.