Master Yap Soon Yeong | Chok Hiew

Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong Healing (Cosmic Freedom Qigong)

Healing Self, Healing Others

  • ISBN: 9781440171079
  • 2010, 176 pages


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Master Yap Soon Yeong is a qigong and meditation master and healer who has discovered that energy memories distort the body at the deepest level and can be resolved through conscious processes during qigong practice.
His work is thus a valuable contribution to the genre of qigong literature and the understanding of qigong and the nature of mind in the disease process. The discussions in Part 1 explore the ancient roots of qigong, healing qigong, a guide to dynamic qigong, complementary CFQ healing techniques, training in spontaneous healing, and healing pain, traumas, and disease.
Part 2 topics include meditation for healing, healing bodily injuries and chronic diseases, healing life-threatening diseases, and addressing childhood diseases.


Chok Hiew

Chok Hiew

Chok HiewUniversity of New Brunswick at the Department of Psychology, Health Psychology and Social Psychology.

Master Yap Soon Yeong

Master Yap Soon Yeong

Master Yap Soon Yeong founded CFQ Qigong. He is a world renowned healer, teacher, also a licensed therapist with the Federation of Chinese Physicians and Medicine of Malaysia.

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