Peg Schafer

Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm

A Cultivators Guide to Small-Scale Organic Herb Production

  • ISBN: 9781603583305
  • 2011, 312 pages


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Peg Schaefer is leading the movement to transition to organic home cultivation of Chinese medicinal herbs. Due to heightened concerns about the quality of imported products and a renewed interest in local medicine, locally and organically grown herbs are increasingly in demand. Until now, however, producers had little information.
The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farmer is the first manual of its kind to contain tips for growing and harvesting seventy-nine herb profiles-all of which have been tested and tried on Schaefer’s certified farm. Readers will find information on growing effective, wild-growing herbs, strategies for integrating crops into gardens, cultivation with species conservation in mind, traditional medicinal and culinary uses, and more.

We from naturmed think: This book is also for farmers interested in adding value-added crops to their repertoire, and for homesteaders looking to incorporate medicinal plants into their gardens, this book is an invaluable source of information for growing your own medicine.


Part One: Cultivating to Conserve Connecting with Quality Asian Botanicals
Chapter One: Farming to Be Part of the Solution

  • Evolving Herbal Traditions
  • Risks to the Future of Herbalism
  • Solutions for Continued Availability

Chapter Two: Herb Quality

  • Wild Quality
  • Assessing Herb Quality
  • Regulating Herbs
  • Like Fine Wines . . .

Chapter Three: Cultivation in the Nursery, Garden, and Field

  • Planning
  • Seed Starting and Propagation
  • Managing Your Soil
  • Planting
  • Seasonal Care
  • Managing Invasive Plant Risk

Chapter Four: The Harvest and Marketing

  • Harvesting Medicine
  • Drying Herb Crops
  • Storing Dried Herbs
  • Shipping Fresh or Dry Herbs
  • Collecting and Saving Seed for Sowing
  • Selling What You Grow
  • Good Agricultural Practices
  • Make Alliances

Chapter Five: Conservation and Global Trade in Medicinal Plants

  • Current Status: Factors and Reasons for Concern
  • Who Needs Protection?
  • Protective Measures
  • How Effective Are the Protective Strategies?
  • Cultivate to Conserve
  • How to Be Part of the Solution

Part Two: 79 Medicinal Herb Profiles


Peg Schafer

Peg Schafer

Peg Schafer has a background in nursery management and farming and is the owner/operator of the Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm outside Petaluma, in Northern California. Since 1997 the farm has grown out more than 260 different herb crops, and has sold to practitioners, pharmacies, product manufacturers, researchers, retailers and the…

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