Aituan Ma

Clinical Manual of Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine

4th edition Herbal Handbook

  • Verlag: Chi Institute
  • ISBN: 9781934786550
  • 2016, 313 pages


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178 commonly used veterinary herbal formulas with a selection of herbs based on clinical conditions, especially for dogs, cats and horses, i.e.
Musculoskelateral and neurological disorders
Gastrointestinal disorders
Respiratory disorders
hepatobiliary disorders
cardiovascular disorders
endocrine disorders
and others like cancer, infertility, a.s.o.
Quick Selection of Herbs Based on Clinical Conditions by Zang Fu Syndromes, Commonly Used Formulas, Basic Knowledge of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Clinical Manual of Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine is the 4th edition of the Chinese Veterinary Herbal Handbook (until the 3rd edition by Huisheng Xie).

Dr. Aituan Ma PhD, MS After nearly 30 years of teaching and clinical experience, Dr. Ma has acquired extensive knowledge of medicinal plants, crude herbs, prepared herb slices, individual herbal actions, formulas, etc. Dr. Ma received her Master of TCVM in 2005 and her PHD from the College of Veterinary Medicine, China Agricultural University in 2008. She is now a professor at the College of Trad. Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural University of Hebei in China.



Aituan Ma

Aituan Ma

Dr. Aituan Ma PhD, MS Nach fast 30 Jahren Lehre und klinischer Erfahrung hat sich Dr. Ma umfangreiches Wissen über Arzneipflanzen, Rohkräuter, zubereitete Kräuterscheiben, individuelle Kräuteraktionen, Formeln, etc. angeeignet. Dr. Ma erhielt 2005 ihren Master of TCVM und 2008 ihren Doktortitel vom College of Veterinary Medicine der China Agricultural University.…