Song-he Jiang | Guan-hu Yang

Clinical Research and Application of Acupuncture and Tuina

Edited by Suzanne Robidoux

  • Verlag: People Medical Publishing House
  • ISBN: 9787117080514
  • 2008, 322 pages


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This text is a practical reference for body and ear acupuncture point location, clinical application, and manipulation technique and tuina techniques and application.
It covers the origin and theory of acupuncture and tuina, including theory of the channels and collaterals, a presentation of the acupuncture points system, techniques of acupuncture and moxibustion, and tuina manipulation techniques.
Additionally covered are common disease treatments and healthcare applications for pain, rehab, internal medicine, OB/GYN, EENT, weight management and smoking cessation, preventive moxibustion, and preventive tuina.
The full-color photos that can be found throughout the book are helpful for highlighting exact point location, visual confirmation of needling methods, and hand placement and positioning for tuina therapy.


Song-he Jiang

Song-he Jiang

Song-he Jiang, MD, MS TCM Associate Professor, Vice-Chief Physiatrist and Acupuncturist, State Approved Graduate Advisor. Medical College of Wenzhou.

Guan-hu Yang

Guan-hu Yang

Yang Guan-Hu, MD, PH.D., TCM, L.Ac Director of SHI Traditional Chinese Acupuncture School, Ohio. Visiting Professor, Medical College of Wenzhou.