L. Hammer

Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies

  • ISBN: 9783939616474
  • 1990, 426 pages


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Hammer explores the positive and negative manifestations of human character to create fully formed pictures with which to organize our recognition of bodymind. After introducing essential concepts, the text presents the patterns of Chinese medicine in the context of the five phases. Within each phase the concepts that correspond to that phase, as well as the related organ patterns and disharmonies, are discussed in terms of psychology and psychiatry. The book contains a discussion of anxiety and depression, and an elaboration of Dr. John Shen’s systems model of Chinese medicine. The latter is of particular interest because it is a rare, effectively reported case of an Oriental practitioner’s adaptive response to Western patients. Practitioners will benefit from this text by gaining the ability to distinguish behavior patterns that relate to diagnostic categories with which they are familiar.


L. Hammer

L. Hammer

Dr. med. Leon I. Hammer praktizierte bis 1971 als Psychiater und Psychotherapeut.Er war u.a. Leiter einer psychotherapeutischen Kinderklinik und lehrte an der Adelphi University.Ab 1971 studierte er Chinesische Medizin in England, Peking und New York.Der Autor führte über 40 Jahre eine eigene Praxis und lebt heute in Saratoga Springs, NY.

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