David Lesondak

Fascia what it is and why it matters

with forewords by Robert Schleip and Thomas W. Myers

  • Verlag: Handspring
  • ISBN: 9781909141551
  • 2017, 155 pages


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This softcover book serves as a primer for professionals, such as doctors, physical therapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, and fitness professionals, to give them a good grasp of what fascia is and what it does in the body.
It gives the reader an understanding of fascia as a tissue, its role in the various systems of the body and its clinical significance.
By the end of the book the reader will have a solid working knowledge of fascia. This book is complete unto itself, but also serve as a springboard to deeper explorations should the reader choose to do so.
The book has a strong storyline, with each chapter logically connecting to the next, rather like fascia itself!
It is informative and satisfying to read.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Fascia, The Living Tissue
Chapter 2: Fascia in the Cellular Level
Chapter 3: Fascia in the Musculoskeletal System
Chapter 4: Fascia in the Organs
Chapter 5: Fascia and the Nervous System
Chapter 6: Fascia and the Brain
Chapter 7: Diagnosing Fascial Conditions
Chapter 8: Fascial Modalities
Chapter 9 Summary.

With forewords by Thomas W. Myers, Robert Schleip
and with an afterword by Tom Findley.


David Lesondak

David Lesondak

David Lesondak is an allied health member in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), where he maintains a clinical practice in structural integration, visceral manipulation, and other fascial modalities at UPMC’s Center for Integrative Medicine. He has been a clinical bodyworker/structural…