John Diamond

Freedom From Fear: Trascending Economic Crisis

  • Verlag: Vital Health Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781890995713
  • o.J., 71 pages


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Essential reading by one of the world’s leading holistic healers, this remarkable book shows us how to rise above the fear that is both the cause and the consequence of economic instability.

Psychological and emotional factors such as greed, selfishness, and materialism are explored with depth and great original insight, so helping us to overcome them. The full solution to transcending these problems, however, is through the actuation of our Life Energy, the Healing Power within. At its heart lie three concepts. First, the practice of altruism: to freely give to others, so that “their Life Energy, their desire to embrace all of their life, may be enhanced,” as Dr. Diamond puts it. Second, Tariki, the realization that there is no self-power, only Other Power acting through us. And third, Belovedness, the feeling of feeling loved, especially by the mother, which is the basis of all healing.

Written in response to the global financial crisis that began in 2007, this book is at once a brilliant examination of the psycho-pathology of such crises and an inspirational guide, powerfully showing us how to transcend their effects at both a personal and societal level.


John Diamond

John Diamond

John Diamond, M.D. ist eine wichtige Figur in der ganzheitlichen Medizin. Er war Präsident der International Academy of Preventive Medicine, er ist ein Bestseller-Autor von mehr als 35 Büchern. Diamond, Arzt und Psychiater, beschäftigt sich seit vier Jahrzehnten mit Forschung und Praxis im Bereich der Komplementärmedizin und des ganzheitlichen Heilens.…