R. Marchment

Gynaecology Revisited: Obsterics and Gynaecology

For Practitioners of Chinese Medicine

  • ISBN: 9780729538589
  • 2008, 380 pages


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The book describes disorders in gynaecology and obstetrics according to traditional Chinese medicine, by presenting the main patterns and pathomechanism with a guiding formula for each. The formulae contain essential modifications for each disorder and variable modifications for individual clients.
The book also co-describes and explains the contemporary view of each disorder so that practitioners are able to refine treatment protocols and understand what the contemporary treatment options are.

Detailed description of anatomy, physiology and pathology
Formula names in Pinyin and characters herb names in pinyin
Appendix with diagnostic charts and tables and acupuncture point selections


R. Marchment

R. Marchment

Robin Marchment hatte ihre Ausbildung in Melbourne am College of Natural Medicine, den TCM University Hospitals Guanxi und Municipal Chinese Hospital, Gynaecology and Paediatrics Departments in Xian. Sie lebt in Melbourne und arbeitet dort als TCM-Therapeutin in eigener Praxis mit Schwerpunkt Arzneimitteltherapie und Akupunktur. Marchment unterrichtet ebenfalls TCM, ihre Schwerpunkte…

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